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Cosmic Healing


Remote Cosmic Energy Healing & Chakra Alignment

The Cosmic Galactic healing energy is a beautiful high vibrational energy frequency that radiates pure love and I love incorporating this new cosmic energy into my healing work.

People ask if its similar to Reiki, it’s the same kind of principle working with energy but for me it’s a much different kind of energy to Reiki.

My will to Thy….

By receiving a multi-dimensional cosmic galactic healing energy from the Cosmic Gateway to raise your frequency from 3rd dimension into the 5th dimensional (5D).  The Cosmic Arcturians are powerful healers of an extremely high frequency that radiate pure love. Everything is energy and we are all interconnected to every living thing, as in the quantum realm there is no time and space and everything is right now. 


Along with receiving high frequency healing we can set an intention for each session and it can help with anxiety, stress, depression, emotional health, trauma, physical pain, mental health, spirituality,  emotional benefits or simply to feel in a better more peaceful state for your overall wellbeing.


My remote sessions are perfect as you can lie and relax in the comfort of your own home environment


What may you experience during the remote healing I hear you ask?


Once I connect with your bio energetic field and your cells come to life, you may feel many sensations, these are just a few of what you may experience, like anything everybody’s experience is different to others.


  • Heat from my hands

  • Cold or frequency sensations

  • Tingling or vibrations in various parts of your body

  • A sudden flow of energy through your whole body

  • An inner peaceful sense of knowing and calmness

  • Vivid colours.

  • You may sense old emotions, pains or wounds

  • You might not feel anything, but trust that the healing frequencies you are receiving is at this moment all in divine timing


Enjoy and relax in the comfort of your own home and surrounds taking time out for YOU as you experience a beautiful high vibe and energy Cosmic Healing.   Whist I tune into your energy and work through each one of your chakras one by one aligning and cleansing each one separately.  I will also light up heal and activate your whole body and cells (trillions) with a beautiful cosmic high vibe energy healing to light you up and work on what your clear intention is... of what you desire to work on for that particular session.  My will to thy...


After the session I always provide my client feedback of what I have worked on during their session.

"Vickie did a cosmic healing on me and my son. 
Wow is how I describe it. 
My anxiety has calmed right down and I feel so much brighter in myself and in my home and work life. 
My son has gained new skills which he struggled with before having a healing. 
Beats all the occupational therapies we have tried.  WE will be continuing these healings every couple of months as its made life so much brighter for us especially me with feelings of anxiety its like I'm a new person. 
Its weird how positive I have felt at work where I normally dread the feeling of going in."

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