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About Me & My Journey

Welcome to my page, my name is Vickie and I’m one of the first 15 Belief Coding® Facilitators in the world.


I’m a Self Development and Transformation Healing Coach & I want to share my life changing experience with you. Over the last 18 months I have transformed my life to point to my personal TRUE North! I am living my best life ever with such huge inner peace contentment and happiness, but turn the clocks back a year ago and it wasn't like this. For anyone looking from the outside in at my life they would think I had the most amazing life. I was always smiling , pleasing and working hard, they never realised how forced that was for me , as my inner emotions/turmoil were telling me different.  I became very unhappy, lonely, lost and I suffered a lot of chronic pains in my lower back and legs for years. I was just surviving. In fact more than half of my lifetime I suffered with Stage 3 Endometriosis, leading to a hysterectomy at the young age of 41. I was left suffering in silence which led to depression.

My fertility journey was tough I endured 8 attempts at fertility treatments, however eventually we were blessed with our amazing miracle daughter, Maggie .The fertility journey was dark & lonely and one that changed me as a person , however looking back it was an experience that I am now so grateful for as it has made me the empathic ,compassionate, caring , person that I am today.  A very dark night of the soul part of my life.  After enduring a hysterectomy at just 41 years of age, a difficult time that finally put the endometriosis suffering to an end, I started discovering more holistic and natural healings & I introduced daily methods to heal and cure my body and mind. Something that I still practice and embrace to this day.


Over my lifetime I tried most healing methods for pain along with mainstream pharmaceutical medication and I always go back to the natural way of healing. I have realised that our bodies can heal themselves, we just need to know & believe this. My revelations personally brought me straight to Belief Coding® . It was September 2021 when I proudly became one of the first 15 Belief Coding® Facilitators in the world!! I have excitingly been working with clients & spreading the word of this incredible modality ever since. Who would ever believe that my constant back pain was actually trapped emotion from my fertility trauma.

Yes! This is true! Its now been released and guess what! I no longer suffer lower back pain! & by using Belief Coding® and other modalities, I discovered no more hidden pain. I had no self-worth or belief , I had major anxiety, lacked confidence and the ability to make decisions. I realised I was a people pleaser and I procrastinated on just about everything in life, relying on other people to make my decisions and give me approval & advice on every area in my life!

I realised I had I lived in fear of judgement , always putting everyone else's needs first. I feared being alone and kept myself constantly busy as that’s what I thought you had to do right!!?

How wrong was I! No wonder my body was screaming at me with pains, fears and self-doubt and constant triggers every day.

I now know that my body was trying to get my attention, which eventually it did , and it forced me to look for more answers. This is how I stumbled across the incredible coach and mentor, Jessica Cunningham, the founder of Belief Coding®.

As I write this today I no longer recognise that old me, the one who couldn’t speak up on the first day of training as I was just so overwhelmed. I am relieved and happy to say that I no longer feel lost, anxious, confused and sad. I am no longer in constant chronic pain.

Fast forward to today, I truthfully, wholeheartedly trust myself & my decisions and always try to do what feels right for me. I have also stopped people pleasing, and I no longer live in fear of judgment. 

I have actually become my own best friend, instead of looking on the outside for constant validation from others. I have an inner feeling of peace, inner knowing, happiness and freedom. I am so grateful I feel this way and I know & truly believe that you can too.

People keep telling me I have changed…my answer to that is THANK YOU!! I am happy you have noticed as I am trying to grow into the best version of ME! Living my truth!!

I don’t feel I have changed inside; I am just speaking from my knowing & truth and life learning skills on the way! I now passionately & confidently share my views, thoughts & knowledge and for once feel comfortable and confident in doing so.

For me I have found that the journey of self-discovery is the best part of the experience and not the end result. Yes, I am a journey junkie but I love which brings me to why I’m so passionate about helping my clients.

Being a sensitive person is also OK. I now embrace who I am. I am a Transformational Light Energy Healing Coach who is so passionate about empowering others back to their intended true north self, what they were born to be.

My healing sessions are unique to me combined with other healing modalities. Belief Coding® works quicker than any other modality. Some discomforts can be gone in just one session. Other discomforts may need more sessions, depending on how many emotions and beliefs are attached to it.


What if we could release the discomfort that is holding you back in life?

I simply love holding a safe space for my clients to rise and release any negative beliefs that are holding them back in life, therefore allowing them the inner freedom to live a more content, fulfilled life, one of happiness & true inner peace and confidence.

Let me gently navigate you on your journey , setting you free to live your true inner peace and happiness, together we can find the real YOU that’s screaming inside to get out!

I am trained as a Belief Coding® Facilitator, Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Mental Health Awareness, Cosmic Galactic Healing, Aromatherapist and currently training in Mind Navigation and basically trained in the school of LIFE and lessons!

Being sensitive I am an intuitive empath, non-judgmental and a very good listener. A lot of feedback I receive from clients is that they appreciate my discretion & they felt & knew that I genuinely cared about them, which I do! That’s why there is no better feeling than doing this work I love and feel so passionate about.

Honestly, I will never ever tire of witnessing positive shifts in my client’s session.


So here’s my question to you…If I could give you a magic wand what do you magically really want to change about yourself?

Ask yourself the following......

Are you living your true life? What do you feel is your purpose? Are you feeling anxious? Do you people please? Are you living in FEAR of judgement? Do you feel stuck or blocked? What is holding you back in life? What triggers you on a daily basis and you just cannot put your finger on it? What really keeps you awake at night? What do you fear? Are you surviving or living your life? Is it money blocks?

Is there something else you want to achieve or move forward with in life but for some reason you cannot as you just feel stuck or blocked. I can help find what is actually blocking you in life, by working together with your subconscious we can get to the root of the issue, and release what no longer serves you and take you back to your natural state, to the real YOU.

See below just a few areas I can help you with;

· Fertility

· Anxiety

· Fear

· Confidence and inner belief

· Stress and worries

· Insomnia

· Addictions/Habits

· Fear of judgment

· Phobias or fears

· Twitches/ticks

· Goals/life desire

· To install boundaries

· Childhood trauma

· Grief

· Feeling stuck or blocked in life

· Pain (inflammation)

· Health – Chronic illness

· Imposter syndrome

· People pleasing

· Fear of judgment

· Procrastination

· Career

· Depression

· Binge easting

· Trauma

· Burn out/overwhelm

· Panic attacks

· Career blocks

· Money blocks

· Spirituality

I am more than happy to tailor programs to suit each clients requirements. Please contact me for a FREE initial discovery chat, this will afford us the opportunity to determine your session type & requirements.

I work 1-1 with all my clients, where I create a safe space for you. My sessions can be either in person or across Zoom where you are in the comfort of you own home and environment. No rushing to get to me, you can get comfy in your favourite arm chair or even lie down if you prefer, you don’t have to be been seen if you prefer that also. We can work together around you my customer.

I am so excited to transform you to improve & change your beliefs & your life. If you want good things to come your way, you need to start believing that you deserve them!! Because believe me you do!

Lots of love and light, Vickie xx

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