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Belief Coding®, Fertility & Me

My fertility journey was a long one and many may even call it a battle. Here I'm sharing my journey, how it's made me passionate about helping others on theirs, and if there's such a thing as a Belief Coding® baby.

My Fertility Journey

Take me back to 17 years ago and I was in a very similar position to a client that I worked with recently. A fertility journey that was dark and lonely, and I can honestly say it’s a time in my life that changed me forever.

Over 4 years i tried everything! I went to see an Acupuncturist weekly for at least 2 years. I saw a Nutritionist. I was hypnotised and had NLP sessions, Reiki sessions, Lymphatic drainage sessions. I even worked alongside a Monk, yes a Monk, and of course I travelled to a fertility shrine in Bangkok Thailand! I would have done absolutely anything to have my own baby!

I have probably tried every holistic treatment out there, that was available at that time. I was so desperate for my own baby, which is why I’m so passionate about natural emotional well-being health, as I’m living proof it works.

The problem why we couldn’t conceive was that I had stage 3 Endometriosis, which led me on to having a hysterectomy at the age of 41. Unfortunately, the Stage 3 Endometriosis had done so much damage inside my body.   So my amazing Gynecologist operated in hope to improve my womb space for a better conditioned womb and better chance for me to conceive.


After my 2nd Operation in my fertility years, it was confirmed that my ovaries where actually the size of tennis balls and they were supposed to be the size of small marker pen dots. My womb and bowel was stuck together by the Endometriosis.

My Gynecologist managed to drain the cysts from each ovary and detach my womb from my bowel. After the operation things still weren’t good, so they told me to forget about trying to conceive for the following 6 months to give my body a rest. 

I then had no choice as my Gynecologist then put me on injections that actually brought the menopause on. I was only 32 and mentally exhausted and to be honest I just went along with everything that was suggested to me as I was so desperate for a baby. Over the 6 months, it led me and my and husband onto a much-needed holiday to Thailand to relax which led to a fertility shrine in Bangkok.  Of course I found the shrine in the middle of Bangkok, a very strange place in the back of a hotel car park full of wooden willies!!

After our holiday our fertility treatments began and after many failed attempts, I was feeling at rock bottom. I felt like such a failure of a woman, frustrated and a lot of asking ‘why me’ was going round and round in my head 24/7. I was depressed felt like a failure, lost, lonely overwhelmed and very isolated.  It’s a hard pill to swallow when most people around you have what you are desperate for even though you love them all so much.  Its hard to put into words and digest at the same time how you actually really felt inside.

I just knew deep down that I had to get my body to its best condition to be able to conceive which is when we came across an amazing Monk. He came into our life at the right time and I remember him pointing out to me asking why a baby would want to nest in my womb with all the anxiety and stress I was holding onto.  


So I started to focus on nurturing my body and womb space to a more calm and loving place by daily meditating and other daily well-being practices and methods. I also worked with a Nutritionist eating only good nutritious foods and starting taking good quality vitamins and seeing an Acupuncturist on a weekly basis and bit by bit started changing from the inside naturally. 

I was also advised by the Monk to daily meditate so I did. I listened to other music and beats daily whenever I felt stressed and looking back at the daily meditation it was future visualisation (manifestation at its finest right).  I was also hypnotised by the Monk, which I feel was a huge help as there wasn’t Belief Coding® around at that time.


At this point in my journey, it was my 6th attempt at fertility treatment. I was doing all the positive overall well-being stuff and even at my scan in preparation for conception I only had one follicle, I remember my amazing Gyno saying "its ok Vickie we only need one to get a baby"… and can you believe…I actually fell pregnant on my 6th attempt… by changing my thought patterns and all the other good practices and methods I had embodied I had aligned my body.

After I had my miracle baby girl, I did have another 2 attempts at conceiving, but it just wasn’t meant to be, we got lucky and had our miracle. I had a conversation with my Gynaecologist, and it was then he later admitted that on paper I should never had any children apparently my body just wasn’t made for having children.

But you see 16 years ago we tried the holistic approach and defined all odds, on paper I wasn’t supposed to fall pregnant, but we did.  We won!  What I am saying is that for me if you want something bad enough, visualise it feel it see it and take a natural wellbeing approach by going within to dig deeper. Our outcome was our miracle baby girl. I am so so grateful for my daughter every single day. She’s an amazing 13 year old now.

Knowing what I know now and as an Belief Coding Accredited Facilitator, all I can say is.....WOW!! I really wish that Belief Coding® was around 16 years ago when I was on my fertility journey. I could have released those emotions of discomfort I was holding onto to give me a better chance at conceiving.

Since Belief Coding® I’m quite open to share my journey (before I was so private). After doing a Belief Coding® session with my fertility client recently it got me thinking, and it’s not a plea for sympathy, but I feel by writing this post even if it helps one person out there on a fertility journey and they feel a bit lost or alone there is always hope and look at me I defined all the odds.

Trust me when I say that if Belief Coding® was about 16 years ago, I would have tried this modality hands down, as I believe a couple or so of sessions would have released so many trapped emotions that needed releasing to give me a better chance in life and my conceiving. I’m not saying I’m a Messiah, but I am saying if a client can release energetic blocks in the body that doesn’t serve them or may be holding them back from moving forward getting them more aligned and change their beliefs then surely this is a positive step in the right direction in life no matter what the outcome is.

You see during a Belief Coding® session, the energetic blocks that shift are going to affect the physiology of the body, and trust me the body after will feel so so much lighter after a session.

I now believe I was meant to shine the pathway for others on their fertility journey, we cannot embody and go through experiences in life without feeling them, which I truly did, and I now hand on heart believe this is why I am here.

You're probably wondering if people have used Belief Coding® to rid themselves of trauma and conceived? 

The answer is YES!!!!! We have two Belief Coding® babies and 3 more on the way! One of which, I'm delighted to say is my own client!

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