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My Belief Coding® Journey
How I Can Help You Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

About Belief Coding®

Belief Coding® is an incredible science back modality and technique created and developed by our founder, Jess Cunningham.


Belief Coding® uses elements of Psychology, NLP, CBT, EFT, Mediatation, Matrix-Reimprinting, Emotion Coding, Kinesiology and Energy Healing.It works with the subconscious to overcome, resolve and diffuse trapped trauma.


We're removing limiting beliefs, one belief at a time!


Our fundamental beliefs are generally formed before the age of 7 hence the saying


‘Show me the child when he is 7 and I will show you the man’


Our subconscious mind actually runs the show whether you realise this or not. The moment of trauma (big or small), for example, could be an incident of been left in your cot at age 2 and you felt abandoned , when in reality your mother goes to make a cup of tea.  Or it could be a different type of  trauma like being bullied or abused. 


What I am trying to say is, trauma doesn’t measure who has had it worse than another person.  Our subconscious unknowing to ourselves goes into fight or flight mode creates a protective belief so that we avoid similar experiences in the future to avoid the pain that is created through emotional response felt and experienced.  Unbeknown to ourselves the body will hold onto that trauma and it is stored in our subconscious and plays out every day in order to keep us safe, until it is released.  Which is where Belief Coding comes in.  As long as trauma is stored in our subconscious and similar events in our life will trigger old emotions beliefs or attachments. 

My Belief Coding® Journey

I am proud to say I am one of the original cohort of 15 Belief Coding® Facilitators in the world.


Are you ready to take control of your life? Lets get rid of the beliefs that are holding you back.

Belief Coding® transformation on myself – what have I transformed…the list is endless…..............

So looking back I asked myself I don’t even recognise the woman who I used to be…. what have I actually transformed with Belief Coding, wow where do I start….......

First, from MRI scan it shows I had two bulged discs, one in my lower back and the other in the right shoulder. I have cleared both chronic pains from both of these places! Who would have thought that my 20 years of lower back pain was trapped fertility trauma that I carried. The chronic shoulder pain has completely gone, and, If I get do get any flare ups from time to time, I am in am amazing position to use Belief Coding® to deal with the discomfort and release it straight away.

Being a sensitive soul right from day one, I started delving into my own self worth inner demons and confidence just in day to day life

I suffered with inflamed eye lids for years on and off and I had a couple of trapped emotions (discomforts) that needed working on. They cleared and so did the inflammation! 

I've dealt with.........

Anxiety ✔️

Confidence ✔️

Chronic pains back and shoulder ✔️

Inner belief self worth ✔️

Frightened of the dark especially on my own ✔️

Speaking up for myself ✔️

Twitch on eye ✔️

Fear of judgement ✔️

People pleasing ✔️

Driving on motorways on my own ✔️

Living in fear and dread of the future ✔️

Feeling unloved unworthy ✔️

Childhood trauma ✔️

Fertility trauma ✔️

Being alone ✔️

Money blocks ✔️

Working in alignment with my true self, removing all fears holding me back ✔️

Believing in myself ✔️

Perfectionism ✔️

Social anxiety ✔️

Overwhelm ✔️

Been seen and heard ✔️

Working with all my fears of the future ✔️

Became my own best friend ✔️

Indecisiveness ✔️

Cleared family trauma and healed wounds, ancestral trauma ✔️

Allow myself to be happy as I now believe I deserve it ✔️

Opened up more spiritually ✔️

The beauty of releasing old wounds and discomforts and beliefs it actually helped me to understand so much about my life reasons and choices I had made in my 49 years on the planet.

Transform your beliefs, transform your life…its that simple!

Transformation is waiting for you…are you ready?

(Photo from the Belief Coding® Christmas party!)

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