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Vickie I just wanted to say a massive thank you!  I have had a few Belief Coding® sessions with Vickie now and she is such a king caring patient beautiful soul!  She is so calming and helped me to relax and trust what was coming through!  She explained everything so well and made the whole process such a lovely experience!  Even on Zoom I can just fee her beautiful energy!  It's been a few days since my last session and I am still feeling the buzz of my new beliefs we coded in and feel like I released a lot of stuff I didn’t need to carry!  Thank you so much and I will definitely be back for another session.

Working with Vickie has been totally transformational.  Vickie is a really lovely warm and calm person who immediately puts you at ease.  She was amazing searching and helping me to really identify what was stopping me achieving my goals.  Through several session with Vickie I have made huge progress with the issues that I felt were holding me back in life.  Do not hesitate to book a session and see how Vickie can help you move forward in the direction you would like yourself to be moving towards, you will not regret it she is amazing!!

After watching some of Jess’s Belief Coding® sessions, I was looking to find a facilitator to work with.  The universe somehow put me in touch with Vickie and I’m so grateful!  I've loved her sessions, shes a gorgeous human inside and out, we’ve tackled some real deep routed issues and limiting beliefs of mine.  I’ve learnt lots of new things to say to myself and how to be much kinder to myself.  I feel so much more confident now in situations that before I would have really struggled with.  I’ve also got a fabulous new job as a result of the work we’ve done!  Thank you Vickie for all your support.

Ladies and gentlemen I am giving my true and honest experience of this lady.  She is caring compassionate empathic and consciousness.  Her treatments are amazing.  I honestly didn’t think I was holding onto as much trauma as I obviously am.  Vickie’s attention to detail is astounding.  She goes through the process until we are absolutely calm and feel amazing, settled and ready to move on.  I have had many different therapies over the years and Vickie is someone I constantly return to.

How Belief Coding® changed my life…When I had my first session with Vickie, I realised straight away the impact this had on me, and has blown me away I was with the results.  This was an immediate game changer for me.  Continuing to carry on with BC has changed my thinking so much.  To help me through the most difficult part of my life and understanding the reasons why I struggles through a lot of years, has made me realise and deal with life in a more positive way.  This really is the best thing that has entered my life and I am forever grateful for Vickie, to not only introducing this to me, but this has been the biggest game change and made me into the stronger woman I am now.  Keep up this amazing work Vickie, you have helped put the sparkle back into my life.  Thank you.

I went to Vickie for a Belief Coding® session for excruciating pains I've been experiencing for a week that came out of "the blue".
What a beautiful session!! We went deep. Vickie's presence is so calming and healing, honestly she is an earth Angel. Since the session I have no pain at all. Before seeing Vickie, the pain went from my neck all down my body to my toes. I couldn't sleep. I was so exhausted, snappy and miserable. I'm completely changed now. The difference is unbelievable. I skipped out of my session with Vickie with a massive smile on my face. I'm so thankful to her for holding that space for me so beautifully. I can't recommend Vickie enough!

I experienced my first Belief Coding® session with Vickie last night, I had some limited knowledge but was not prepared for the amazing sense of relief and lightness it would have.  Vickie made me feel at east immediately, as I admit I was feeling rather anxious and apprehensive beforehand.  Her warmth and empathy guiding me through my emotions and subconscious allowed me to free myself totally, with a calmness and sense of peace I have not felt for a long time, we worked through my insomnia in the session, I also had the best nights sleep I’ve had in what seems life forever I only look forward to developing and growing forward in my life through Vickie.

Ladies and gentlemen I am giving my true and honest experience of this lady.  She is caring compassionate empathic and consciousness.  Her treatments are amazing.  I honestly didn’t think I was holding onto as much trauma as I obviously am.  Vickie’s attention to detail is astounding.  She goes through the process until we are absolutely calm and feel amazing, settled and ready to move on.  I have had many different therapies over the years and Vickie is someone I constantly return to.

I just feel the need to write this after having a Belief Coding® session from Vickie. I often went back into my past if something made me angry from my past relationship. In fact I was amazed how it worked I was able to get  rid of things that I did not realise were holding me back. I recently had to go for my yearly check up and my blood pressure was normal first time. Before I experienced this Belief Coding® I would not have realise these thing were there still because you think you have moved on from what ever situation would have troubled you. Before I did see Vickie I guess I would have felt unsure and not thought of these situations . But I can say my body feels lighter. And I feel more confident about me I think is the right thing to say. And being free from pain after having 2 knee replacements which worked very well. And after having a fall and breaking my hip which caused me to have b/cancer I will be seeing Vickie again that's a sure thing.

I was blown away by my first session with Vickie who made me feel so comfortable and open.  I completely trusted her with my vulnerability and she was so respectful and kind.  We identified my 4 emotions to work on with exploration of past experiences with friendships and loss.  Working with my subconscious blows my mind!  Its fascinating and rather beautiful.  We were led by my subconscious to working on feelings of abandonment.  It took me by surprise.  I felt so at ease and confident in the process and most importantly I felt safe!

Being able to work with and repair the feeling of abandonment, sadness and loneliness in such a honest, positive and nurturing way was so special.  Something Ill never forget!! I walked home smiling, I couldn’t stop smiling.  I feel certain that the emotional energy I never even knew was there is gone!  If it reappears I have skills to acknowledge and flush it out! Vickie and I will work on my 3 other trapped emotions and I cannot wait!  Vickie is a natural, this role was meant for her and ill forever be grateful.  That’s only after 1 session!  The most amazing experience ever!!

I've had 4 lovely Belief Coding® sessions with Vickie and can whole heartily say that each one was powerfully profoundly healing in different ways.  Each helping me understand what I am choosing to perceive as a victim conscious storey and how I can shift this when I choose to be the creator of my own life by recoding my negative false beliefs into positive true beliefs, and letting go of the discomfort that held me back in my life and to empower my life with what I want to positively focus on moving forward.

Thank you Vickie for being a great down to earth listener for you honesty and clarity for all your kindness and for shining your souls passion out into the world to help all heal and shine too.

Before my first session I was nervous and didn't know what to expect, but Vickie made me feel comfortable and safe enough to be vulnerable with her immediately. Being only 15, I didn't know how to handle big emotions and often dealt with them in negative ways, but with Belief Coding® I've been able to not only stay calm, but find the trapped emotions linked to things like anxiety, panic attacks, procrastination and not being able to sleep. All of which I've overcome since working with Vickie. I'm so grateful Vickie and Belief Coding® were recommended to me as she's helped to change my lifestyle and given me the knowledge on how to understand and heal my negative emotions I may have, which I will continue to alleviate any negative emotions throughout my life.

Like everyone else I found about Belief Coding® at a critical time of my life where everything changed and I was extremely vulnerable and self aware of issues that were well buried and hidden until they came to the surface to wreck havoc. I found Vickie on the group and felt she had to be the one I could connect with and had a session with her which was a very strong experience. Vickie was very helpful, attentive and supportive. She held space for me and pushed through my resistance and skepticism with a loving energy. Thanks to her I found that a past life experience was strongly defining my present life and I was able to release a lot of hurt. At the end of the session I felt stronger, more enthusiastic and motivated about taking care of myself and feeling empowered. I was able to start step by step to write again and was way less negative. I still have a lot of work towards healing but I stopped being stuck on the negative feelings and I cry way less. I still have triggers as one session cannot solve the very big scope of issues I currently deal with but it definitely felt like enabling the journey to become a free version of myself.

I had my first session after feeling very frustrated in my work and life.  I was letting situations drag me down and affecting my thoughts and happiness.  I have always been a bit cynic when it comes to matters of the mind but Vickie made me feel very comfortable and at east.  We worked with the human compass which I have never heard of and could not believe how powerful the session was.  The session was so overwhelming I let go of all inhibitions and totally felt safe in her hands.  I got taken back to a place in my life and saw myself clear as day.  I can honestly say since my session my life has transformed.  Situations that would have previously triggered me don’t phase me at all.  I now find myself being chilled and not getting worked up.   I am happier at work and in my personal life.

I am looking forward on working on other areas that have impacted my life.  This experience has been a real eye opener and I know with Vickies passion and knowledge she will guide me work through these and put new belief codes in so I can be the best version of me. 

So if you are unsure or are a bit of a cynic like me and feel areas in your life affect you 100% give it a try.  Vickie is amazing and passionate about Belief Coding® and she will give you her all.

Vickie is more than just a healer; she is the visionary behind profound personal transformations that restore balance, peace, and wellness. With a passion for holistic healing that encompasses mind, body, and spirit, she is dedicated to guiding you on your journey to true well-being.

Transformational Healing
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With over a decade of experience in holistic healing, Vickie's extensive knowledge and skills ensure that each session is tailored to harmonise and revitalise your life.

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Celebrating a legacy of transformation, Vickie has received numerous accolades for her outstanding contributions to holistic healing and personal empowerment.


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With love and light, Vickie xx

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Hear directly from our clients about their incredible journeys and the profound impact Belief Coding® has had on their lives. These heartfelt testimonials showcase the power of holistic healing and the positive changes it can bring. Watch their stories to see how Belief Coding® has transformed their lives and empowered them to overcome various challenges.

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