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Are you interested in healing?

I offer a variety of healing including Belief Coding®, Cosmic Healing, and Crystal Reiki Healing. I am deeply passionate about helping those working on their fertility and I offer Belief Coding® facilitations focused around fertility

Healing and facilitations can be booked as individual appointments or as healing programme.

My client compared counselling to her Belief Coding® session. She's only had one Belief Coding® facilitation.

"Few things different to counselling for me;

  •  Exhausted but felt alive

  • Empowered rather than scared of what was to come.

  • Comfortable and safe in the session and of leaving ie it was a positive experience rather than reliving the negative and leaving me in a negative state when I left.

  • The positive impact/change so much quicker, maybe immediate

  • I still have lots of work to do but I’m confident in the BC process where with counselling I didn’t know what the outcome would be.

I’m say all this and I was an advocate for counselling. I know it will work for some but BC seems to go deeper, its not just giving you the tools to cope with your issue, its giving you the chance to reinvent and become the person you want to be. That’s been trapped inside, Incredible stuff."


My client is 44 years and went to counselling for 18 months in her 20s and two periods of 6 months in her 30’s. She also went earlier this year. This client has had one Belief Coding Session!!

"Issac is our 5 year old Autistic son who is non-verbal. Vickie has been working on some healing for Issac to try and help reduce his frustration.
We have, over the last month, seen a notable shift in this and he is more settled and happy on the whole, something we don't take for granted for him and has been a please for our whole family."

"I first met Vickie via someone who recommended my company to her. That fateful phone call requesting information was to be pretty profound as the weeks moved on.

Vickie exuded warmth, conviction, passion & belief in something I'd never heard of, Belief Coding, and I was fascinated.

So in preparation for an event in my life, I accepted a belief coding session with her as a way to find out more and to really experience it.

I'll try and describe it exactly as I can without divulging personal information. After a lovely period of getting to know each other I'd built trust in Vickie. She put me right at ease and explained the processes involved and how my own subconscious already had the answers waiting for me. We just needed to learn how to tap in. Using my own experiences I was taken on a journey back to my younger self. What a meeting that was!

It was moving & beautiful. I was able to 'rejoin' with my younger naive and often lost, me. Together we were able to view the journey 'we'd' been on together. It was quite magical to be able to help the early state of mind grow back into my older 'now' me. The connection of consciousness and power of personal inner strength and wisdom led to a wonderful sense of ownership of my confidence and persona in the world. I left with an amazing sense of life force, some tips and phrases to stay with me on my way and a level of confidence that I could draw on when needed.

Suffice to say I understand what Belief Coding® is, how it is done and how successful it can be. Love to you Vickie. ❤️ and a huge Thank you xxx"

Book in for a free discovery call and discuss what you'd like to work on and which healing would suit you and your journey...

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