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Fertility & Belief Coding®

Unlock Your Fertility Potential with Belief Coding®

Welcome to a holistic approach to enhancing fertility through Belief Coding®. This transformative technique addresses emotional and psychological barriers that may impact your fertility. By releasing these blocks, you can create a more harmonious environment for conception and pregnancy.

Navigate your fertility journey with empowerment and inner emotional healing. From my experience  of my fertility journey18 years ago I discovered that we need our mind body and soul to be in sync to prepare you for Motherhood. I got my girl and defied all odds as on paper I was not supposed to have any children!


Fertility & Belief Coding sessions really is a game changer and I have had such successful results where I offer a holistic approach to fertility challenges. By combining the power of belief coding with personalised fertility support, I will empower you to navigate your fertility journey with confidence and hope. Whether you're struggling with conception or seeking support during fertility treatments, we're here to help you achieve your dream of parenthood.  By changing any negative limiting beliefs and recoding your subconscious mind (that we are actually in 95% of the day) to NEW empowering subconscious beliefs we can actually rewrite your past and recode a limitless future for you and your dreams.

Fertility challenges can be deeply distressing, often accompanied by feelings of frustration, sadness, and anxiety. Belief Coding® works by identifying and reprogramming subconscious beliefs and emotional blocks that may be affecting your reproductive health. This powerful modality helps restore balance and align your body, mind, and spirit for optimal fertility.

Understanding Belief Coding® and Fertility

Belief Coding® incorporates various therapeutic techniques to support your fertility journey:

  • Emotional Healing: Address and release emotional traumas and stress related to fertility challenges.

  • Subconscious Reprogramming: Rewire negative beliefs and thought patterns that may be hindering conception.

  • Energy Alignment: Balance your body’s energy systems to create a nurturing environment for conception.

  • Holistic Approach: Integrate mind-body practices to enhance overall well-being and reproductive health.

How Belief Coding® Supports Fertility

Empowering Your Fertility Journey

Your Path to Hope and Healing

Every fertility journey is unique, filled with its own set of challenges and triumphs. Through Belief Coding®, I aim to empower you by addressing the emotional and psychological barriers that may be impacting your fertility. By reprogramming limiting beliefs and releasing stored trauma, we create a fertile ground for hope and healing. Together, we will navigate this journey, fostering resilience and optimism every step of the way.

My Journey with Fertility and Belief Coding®

Vickie's Journey

As someone who has faced my own fertility challenges, I understand the emotional and physical toll it can take. Through Belief Coding®, I have not only healed my own traumas but have also helped many clients overcome their fertility obstacles. My personal experience fuels my passion for supporting others on their fertility journey.

Client Success Stories

OMG OMG – I had the interview and just been offered the job!!!!!! – I was quoting you in my head before I went in!  Massive hugs as you helped me to do this!!
Vickie is unbelievably kind and caring.  She genuinely wants to help her clients and she makes you feel like a friend you have know for ever with her support, kind words and constant encouragement.  I can't recommend her enough to help you with no agenda other than helping you to better yourself!! 
 Vickie is unbelievably kind and caring. I can't recommend her enough to help you with no agenda other than helping you to better yourself!! 

Let's Embark on this Journey Together

Ready to begin your journey toward healing and self-discovery? Contact me today to schedule a FREE initial discovery chat and take the first step toward unlocking your true potential.

With love and light, Vickie xx

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Belief Coding® helps by addressing and releasing emotional blocks and negative beliefs that may be impacting your reproductive health. By aligning your subconscious mind and energy systems, it creates a more conducive environment for conception.

  • The number of sessions varies depending on individual needs and circumstances. Some clients experience significant improvements in just a few sessions, while others may benefit from ongoing support.

  • Yes, Belief Coding® can complement other fertility treatments and therapies. It works alongside medical treatments, holistic therapies, and lifestyle changes to create a comprehensive approach to improving fertility and overall well-being.

  • After a Belief Coding® session, you may experience a sense of relief, clarity, and emotional release. Some clients notice immediate improvements in their well-being, while others see gradual changes over time. It's important to be patient with yourself and allow the healing process to unfold naturally.

Fertility Testimonial

Vicky is such a beautiful soul, so compassionate, caring, empathetic, supportive and filled with so much love.

She was so open to share her own journey and experiences and is so passionate to help those that are on similar journeys. It is so lovely to know that someone genuinely cares and is offering support from a place of pure love and understanding

From the moment I joined Vickie made me feel extremely comfortable, safe and supported during the

1:1 'Transforming You Fertility Programme'.

I was able to open up, share my journey and dive deep into myself to find what was stopping me from conceiving. Vickie's personalised programme gave me beautiful daily practices to be able to reconnect with my own body and womb. Reconnect with my partner on a deeper, more loving level. Release trapped emotions and memories that were blocking me. Begin and continue to forgive myself, nurture myself, love myself and visualise and believe in my future with a healthy baby

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